Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Naked Feet

So today my feet felt extremely naked. Mainly because I couldn't find that "perfect" shoe to wear to lunch. Now I think I should mention first that I have a bit* of a shopping addiction. After sitting through an entire lunch admiring my guy friend for always looking so dapper, I felt inadequate. Yes, again I will admit I have a problem. We finished lunch and I headed over to my absolute favorite store Nordstrom. It didn't take long for me to stumble across this one.
Finally a shoe that touches my soul.
Woodies by Jeffrey Campbell

But unfortunately everything isn't all paradise in Shoeland. I got the shoe home... Thought about it and now I feel unsure. That is not an emotion I usually have AFTER the purchase. I'm compelled to keep them because they're different. When I was making the purchase I had white Theory shorts (w/ dark blue belt & brown buckle) and a Theory linen (or silk) button down shirt in either pink or yellow. Or I could go a different route and wear a white cotton shirt dress. Maybe a neutral beige or brown. I don't know!!! And since I don't know, I'm not feeling so good about this purchase. Ughh... When did shopping become so difficult.

SN: While searching for a link on Nordstrom's site for these shoes I came across the designers collection. HOTT! I'm definitely keeping these shoes. (Have I expressed how random and crazy my logic is?)

I just needed to release the fiasco into the world. I'll be wearing them this weekend and will update with pics.

'til the next time

*My family has seriously considered an intervention for me. I'm way past the stages of freezing credit cards... I know all the numbers by heart!


  1. That shoe is RIDICULOUSLY you! I would have nothing to wear them with, and they would sit in my closet collecting dust. LOL!

  2. Thanks honey! They'll be sitting in my closet for a while too.