Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Video of the Day! T.O.N.Y.

This too is a bit random, but in preparing for the Essence festival this 4th of July weekend, I was thinking about which performances are a must see. From reading the 3 day line-up, I actually think Solange is the person I'm most looking forward to seeing. Her sound is soulful and unique. None of that "I need to feature a rapper to be hot" foolishness. Personally I think her singles should have gotten way more air play, but we all know tweens rule the airwaves.

~And in keeping with All Things Fabulous, I must say her style is Hot!! She has really done a great job of stepping out of her sister's shadow. I'm guessing Mama Knowles is not making her outfits!

I am loving the cross body clutch she's wearing here. If you haven't already heard the crossbody is the hottest things since... since the clutch ;-)
I will be rocking one this weekend!
They can be found everywhere from Saks to Forever 21. So thinking about adding a new accessory to your collection this month.

Okay gals that's all for today!!
'Til the next time...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

~Love Letters: A Lost Art Form~

While I would love to just blog about Fashion and Beauty all day everyday, I feel the need to truly make this blog about "All Things Fabulous". I was out at Target last night (for batteries ;-) and I came across the cutest stationary. It really made me want to send letters to my loved ones. As I sat back and thought about it I can't even remember the last time I actually sent a hand written letter. That's just sad... There used to be a time when writing letters was the only way to communicate with your special someone or pen pal. Now that we've become this fast paced twitter/online bill pay society, we barely even check our mailbox.

Let's add a little nostalgia to our day-to-day routines...

If asked to describe my style I would call it "Classic Sexy". So in keeping with this style I decided to get some stationary that reflected just that. And for the next few days I'm going to spend some time hand writing notes to those I care about. **I couldn't find a pic of the set I bought but here are a few examples:If you like this idea, but feel like you don't know what to say, just look around you. There are always cute sayings or funny ecards that you can use for inspiration. It could be a 2 page heartfelt poem, a short quote, a bible scripture or just something funny to cheer up a co-worker. You can never go wrong when letting someone know their special and they mean a lot to you.
Since Mother's Day is right around the corner what better way to show her you love her! Trust me she'll appreciate your card over a Hallmark card anyday...
"Mama you know I love you. Mama you’re the queen of my heart; your love is like tears from the stars. Mama I just want you to know, lovin’ you is like food to my soul.” — BoyzIIMen
Okay that's all my ranting for today ;-)
'Til the next time...

Friday, April 17, 2009

Island Travel Part Two: 5 Beach Must-Haves

~~~So now that you've secured your passport let's get you ready to become an international jet-setter! Here are the 5 things you must have for a day at the beach. Let's just call it our "Survival Kit"...

#1 Fabulous Bathing Suit -
Ladies the most important thing about the beach is having fun in the sun. If your suit is too tight, too loose, or has to be tied so tight behind your neck it's causing a headache - you need a new suit. One that properly fits your body. Now this may require the most time to find so that's why it's first on the list. A few things to remember... 1) One size does not fit all! 2) Go for mix and match pieces that are funky and stylish. It's perfectly okay to buy a Small top and a Medium bottom if that's what fits. 3) A flattering one-piece will always be in style. 4) Try to stay fashion forward. No need to look like a grandma while on the sunny beaches of St. Tropez. Pictured is my own personal suit which can be found at Target for $30
The suit pictured left works great for a fuller figure. The rouching on the side can be adjusted for a higher or lower bottom. The bra strap also adjusts to support a fuller bust. Available @ Victorias Secret for $69

****** UPDATE*****

Here are a few options available in Sizes 16W-24W...
#1) Newport News Swimdress (love, love, love the color!) $44
#2) Delta Burke Swimdress JCPenney- adjustable sides for higher or lower bottom $64.99
#3) Obxsunwear - Christina Tank Top with side Rouching $55
#4) Torrid - Black Ruched Swim Short $34
#2 Canvas Travel/Day Bag -
Something large enough to carry all the miscellaneous/can't live without items for your day. I prefer a lined canvas material in case it gets wet. Make sure it has zipper pockets for your wallet & sunglasses. Keep it light and simple. Nothing feels worse than carrying around an over-filled tote bag while trying to sight see. LL Bean has plenty of cute options for under $35.

#3 Comfortable/Cute Sandals -
I know I know... Old Navy sells flip flops 2/$5 but must we really be seen walking the streets of Ochos Rios in those cheap shower shoes? If you're looking for a cute money saving option check out K-Mart. I recently bought 2 pair of the cutest sandals for only $15 each!!! I walked several hours in both pair while on my recent vacay to Grand Cayman Island and I have no complaints. I even got a few compliments from other tourists.

#4 Hat - Yes, ladies, you must combat the sun in every way possible (that includes sunscreen). The sun can not only do major damage to your skin, but your hair also. And even more important than that... Straw floppy hats are extremely chic. Yes!!! It is essential to look cute while having fun. I can't stress that enough :-)
I searched and searched and searched some more for the cutest, biggest & most affordable floppy straw hat I could find on eBay! I found this Tan/White 8" Wide Large Brim Floppy Beach Straw Hat. This hat was lightweight & airy, easy to pack into my suitcase and looked amazing on the beach. Only $24+ shipping at Luxury Divas. It gets a Fab 5 stars***** in my book.

#5 Waterproof Mascara -
I'm just saying~ You must be fabulous at all times. Even after snorkeling... Is there a woman alive who doesn't look and feel prettier after applying mascara? Really?! So I tried a few different brands and Maybelline was the winner. I'm sure you could find a more expensive brand that works well too (not sure why you would want to), but when traveling (especially internationally) never take your most expensive possessions. Bags get lost- things get broken. So for the quality and price this mascara wins.

*** A few other small things you may not want to forget:***
* quart size ziplock bags - for wet suits and what-nots
* travel size baby wipes
* 100% UVP sunglasses
* lots of sunscreen - yes even for women of color!!
* bronzer - 'cause nothing looks better than a wonderful glow in warm weather
* cute beach cover-up

Any other suggestions?? Feel free to leave a comment.
Till the next time...

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Island Travel Part 1: Book a Vacation!

Want to make the most out of this recession? Take a vacation!! No seriously... With the economy in the pits, travel costs are at an all-time low. If you're a mileage rewards member with any of the major airline carriers, sign up for email alerts. You will be the first to know of any upcoming flight deals. That's how I found my birthday vacation deal. US Airways offered flights for the month of April round trip from Charlotte to the Grand Cayman Islands for $160+ taxes/fees!! I'm a frequent flyer with US Airways b/c the company's largest hub is in Charlotte. Which means most likely I will have multiple flight choices to/from my destination for a reasonable price. This also comes in handy when you miss your flight ;-) FYI... Delta's largest hub is in Atlanta, American Airlines' hub in Dallas/Ft Worth, and the major Northwest hub is in Detroit. If you like to do price comparisons I would suggest Farecast. They have a tracking tool that estimates the flight prices over a set amount of time. Maybe you were planning to travel in August, but if you use the fare tracker you may find that September is cheaper.

So after telling everyone and their grandma about my flight deal, I came across another vacation money saver. Do you know anyone who works for a major hotel chain? Discounts can sometimes be offered to friends and family members of hotel employees. Using the F&F discount I saved almost 50% off my hotel costs! Also think about becoming a rewards member with a hotel chain like Hilton or Marriott. Emails are usually sent on a monthly basis that contain great hotel deals and discounts.
And it never hurts to check out a vacation club or your local travel agency. US Airways vacations club (according to my email;-) is currently running a special with Holiday Inn Sunspree in Aruba and Montego Bay for less than $500 pp. Holiday Inn Sunspree in Montego Bay is all-inclusive and is well worth the money spent. I visited in 2003 for the 1st Annual Jump off-n-Jamaica, and I highly recommend this hotel. The food was delicious!! According to the website they have undergone a multi-million dollar renovation so I'm sure you'll be pleased.

Condo rentals are a great option when taking the whole fam or 4 or more people. They offer more space and usually come equipped with full kitchens, a money saver when considering 3 meals a day.
Call your girls and start making plans today!! Stay tuned for Part Two: Island Travel Survival Kit
Till the next time... Check out these fly travelistas!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy BirthdayTo Me!!

Party Time... Oh it's Party Time... We're having a Party! C'mon!

This year I'll be spending my beloved birthday in the unseasonably cold Queen City. Usually I make the long awaited trek back to sunny South Florida and spend the week chillaxin' with the fam. So since I'm here let's explore what Charlotte has to offer this Easter weekend...

Wednesday April 8th
Since today is Wednesday and we all need to take the edge off... why don't we check out Wine Down Weekdays @ Morton's The Steakhouse. Every Mon-Fri from 5-6:30 pm & 9:30 - 11 pm. Now I know you all are thinking "Morton's?? I can barely afford Applebees..." Well instead of reserving a table, pull up a seat at Morton's signature Bar 12.21 for their $5 bar bites and daily wine specials. Ladies make sure you're looking fabulous...You never know who you may run into ;-0

Thursday April 9th
For those who really want to party... Thursday night Pitbull will be live in concert @ The Forum in uptown Charlotte. Reduced priced regular & VIP tickets are being offered on Groove Tickets. What a cutie!!

Friday April 10th
Party for a purpose this Friday at the White Chocolate All White Affair sponsored by Godiva @ Big Chill. Proceeds from the party will go towards Cancer Research. For more information contact Rick Mogul.

Saturday April 11th
Then last but not least... The long awaited, highly anticipated Inner Circle Fifth Anniversary party @ Blue Restaurant. Inner Circle has been known to host the hottest Yuppie parties in the Queen City. Tickets for these parties tend to sell out quickly so either checkout now or be sure to arrive extra early. As for attire... ladies I would do my best to be as stylish, yet sophisticated as possible. This crowd will stand for nothing less. And just for kicks here's my red carpet photo from the Inner Circle NYE party @ Ballantyne Resort.
Good times...

Know of any other hot spots this weekend?? Be sure to leave a comment.

Till the next time...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Kim Kardashian as Your Personal Shoe Stylist

Have a big event coming up this month? Well whether you're looking for a hot shoe for your cousins wedding or the monthly girls night out, Kim Kardashian is here to help!
After spending entirely too much of my day on the net, I came across ShoeDazzle an online "Premier Shoe Society". After taking a short online assessment, Kim (let's remember Kardashian was hired to revamp Brandy's image back in the early 2000's) and her team of stylist will pick 5 shoes each month that fit your style. From those 5 shoes you have the option to pick the one you want for the month. Best of all... their yours to keep! Unlike Bag, Borrow or Steal, (which I love too) each membership includes one pair of shoes a month. If you choose not to make a selection that month you will not be charged. Just simply opt to "Skip this month". Membership cost are only $39/month and includes free shipping.

Okay so seeing that I'm a sucker for just about anything new and shiny I decided to sign up. It took about 3 days before I received my shoe choices for the month.

Which one should I choose??

After I receive and wear my new shoes, I'll be sure to update you guys about the quality and fit of the shoe.
Till the next time...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Welcome to All Things Fabulous!

I would like to welcome everyone to my new blog. My name is K.D. I'm a 25 y/o (almost 26... counting the days:-) young professional living in the South. My decision to create this blog was soley to share my perspective of fashion, beauty, style and finance with the rest of the world. With everyone concerned about the economy, it's essential to make sure we're spending every dollar wisely. There is nothing more fab than an educated and informed consumer. I'll scour the streets, shelves, and the web weekly to find things that make me stop in my tracks and say "Now That's Fab". Feel free to make any comments or suggestions - I welcome all positive criticism. Thank you for reading and Enjoy!!