Tuesday, March 29, 2011


So, I'm running two blogs. Okay let me rephrase that. I have 2 blogs... Can't really say I'm running them! Sad I know - but I plan to do better.

I was thinking maybe I should merge them into one. Not quite sure how to do that just yet but it seems like a good idea. I need to blog more and keeping up with 2 is way too much of a hassle.

Lately I've been SUPER stressed. From starting a business, to maintaining a budding relationship and trying to be mommy of the year. I've even developed a twitch in my eye. Weird, right? So let's hope I keep this blogging up this time. I really need to exhale and this is a great outlet.

'til the next time

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lovin' My Life

Gratitude is the best Attitude!
Sometimes it's a bit difficult to recognize how blessed you are in the mist of trials. But right now in my life I am just truly grateful for where I am and who I have around me. Over the last year people who were close to me have faded away and others have filled those empty spaces.

Okay granted I did lose my job earlier this year but so what? This new found free time has afforded me the opportunity to go back to school (full-time). Lucky me! Now how I'm going to pay my bills is irrelevant... Right? LOL

Basically I just wanted to publicly announce that life is worth living. Things won't always go as planned but make the most of it. One door closed another one opens... Go hard or Go home!

'til the next time...

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Naked Feet

So today my feet felt extremely naked. Mainly because I couldn't find that "perfect" shoe to wear to lunch. Now I think I should mention first that I have a bit* of a shopping addiction. After sitting through an entire lunch admiring my guy friend for always looking so dapper, I felt inadequate. Yes, again I will admit I have a problem. We finished lunch and I headed over to my absolute favorite store Nordstrom. It didn't take long for me to stumble across this one.
Finally a shoe that touches my soul.
Woodies by Jeffrey Campbell

But unfortunately everything isn't all paradise in Shoeland. I got the shoe home... Thought about it and now I feel unsure. That is not an emotion I usually have AFTER the purchase. I'm compelled to keep them because they're different. When I was making the purchase I had white Theory shorts (w/ dark blue belt & brown buckle) and a Theory linen (or silk) button down shirt in either pink or yellow. Or I could go a different route and wear a white cotton shirt dress. Maybe a neutral beige or brown. I don't know!!! And since I don't know, I'm not feeling so good about this purchase. Ughh... When did shopping become so difficult.

SN: While searching for a link on Nordstrom's site for these shoes I came across the designers collection. HOTT! I'm definitely keeping these shoes. (Have I expressed how random and crazy my logic is?)

I just needed to release the fiasco into the world. I'll be wearing them this weekend and will update with pics.

'til the next time

*My family has seriously considered an intervention for me. I'm way past the stages of freezing credit cards... I know all the numbers by heart!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Day 1/2

So I awoke this morning to a text: 7:05 am -"Day 1/2 without you and I feel like gutter shyte. Wtf have you done to me?"

Yes, after what I planned to be a wonderful weekend with the person I hoped to spend the next 75 years with - its over... Mostly my fault partly his fault. Regardless of who's fault it was we're not together. It hurts. I feel like crap and to make matters worse its freaking snowing outside! Judging from his text I know he feels the same way. Why would we subject ourselves to hurt? I'd honestly just rather forget everything that happened and start all over again. But that's not reality and definitely not whats about to happen. Relationships SUCK!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Resolutions Here I Come!

So to tackle resolution # 2, I've decided to join a running club. Of course, this was extremely convenient because my BFF just happened to be starting one! Love it! If you're in or around the Charlotte area please feel free to join us. New Year, New You!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~Happy New Year~

A New Year a New You!

I love love love that phrase. So in keeping with the usual tradition, I'm going to share my New Year resolutions.

1) Pray daily... To be completely honest I should just say pray period. But I like measurable goals so I think daily is in order. Gratitude is the answer to every question.

2) Exercise 3-5x weekly - This will mostly include running because I hate to workout. Did I say HATE?!! Also, I plan to run a half-marathon by April 10, 2010.

3)Take my daughter on a vacation out of the country - I think we've both had enough America in 2009. It's time for her to experience other cultures.

4) Continue to grow my hair natural - So I've had chemicals in my hair since before I could remember ( i think age 5 to be exact). Time to try something new. Currently I'm 2 months post perm so we'll see how long I can last.

5)Save $5000 - Cash is King... especially in this economy. Plus, saving money requires discipline (something I lack: ) and motivation. For a 12-month period I need to save $420 a month. Yes I know it doesn't seem like a lot. But that $420 is coming from my vacation/clubbing/shoes/clothes/Target/misc crap budget!! This is going to be very difficult.

6) Last but definitely not least... START/OPEN/RUN A (SUCCESSFUL)BUSINESS. Most likely this will be Salon Twenty-20. But if not, I will find another venture that I can conquer by year end. While I am most grateful to The Hartford-SRS for providing me with a gig, it's time for mama to stand on her own two feet. I am an entrepreneur at heart and I always say "follow your heart".

I know my list is long. But I am optimistic and I think it's all possible. Bare with me family, I will do my best to blog the entire way.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~Presentation is Everything~

It's that time of the year again!
The holiday season is vastly approaching and I am excited!! Two reasons: First, I love love love Christmas music. Not really sure why, it's just something about hearing Mariah Carey (or Kelly Clarkson :-) sing "All I want for Christmas is you..." That's been a my jam since I saw Love Actually, my favorite holiday movie. Second, I go crazy about gift wrapping! I truly believe presentation is everything. After taking time to find the perfect heartfelt gift there is no reason to just throw it in an useless gift bag! Dreadful just dreadful... Take your gift giving this year a step further with some wonderfully decorated gift wrapping and accessories.

1) Stocking Stuffer

A Christmas Stocking is an idea "gift bag" for a bottle of wine or an embellished wine glass. Neatly double wrap the gift in paper then stuff additional paper inside the stocking for filling. Pull a few coordinating sheets of tissue paper from the top as with any other gift bag. You could also use ribbon to make a fluffy yet simple bow. Lands' End $20
2) Ornaments
For those of you who are bow-challenged try using ornaments to finish off the gift. When you've completed the task of wrapping the gift, use one long piece of ribbon to tie around the center in a knot. Then use one end to loop through the ornament and tie a regular bow. The ornament will take the attention away from your challenged bow and give character to the gift.
Great ornament for a teacher or professor. K-Mart $2.99

3) The Paper
Last but not least get creative with the wrapping paper. In a world of recycling why waste money on buying paper when you can use items from around the house. Newspaper, maps, or a magazine cover will work. For the business minded guy in your life try using an old Forbes magazine cover. Another option is to choose an inspiring scripture or a cute dictionary definition, like love or family. Then photocopy the page onto a 11 x 7 inch sheet of paper at the highest magnification, repeat as needed to increase the word size and squeeze in the choice part of the passage.
But if you must go out a buy paper... Kick it up a notch with a new design. The Container Store has a huge assortment of holiday paper & tools starting from $4.99

So let's get started. Feel free to post pics of your fabulous works of art when finished.

'Til the next time...