Tuesday, January 5, 2010

~Happy New Year~

A New Year a New You!

I love love love that phrase. So in keeping with the usual tradition, I'm going to share my New Year resolutions.

1) Pray daily... To be completely honest I should just say pray period. But I like measurable goals so I think daily is in order. Gratitude is the answer to every question.

2) Exercise 3-5x weekly - This will mostly include running because I hate to workout. Did I say HATE?!! Also, I plan to run a half-marathon by April 10, 2010.

3)Take my daughter on a vacation out of the country - I think we've both had enough America in 2009. It's time for her to experience other cultures.

4) Continue to grow my hair natural - So I've had chemicals in my hair since before I could remember ( i think age 5 to be exact). Time to try something new. Currently I'm 2 months post perm so we'll see how long I can last.

5)Save $5000 - Cash is King... especially in this economy. Plus, saving money requires discipline (something I lack: ) and motivation. For a 12-month period I need to save $420 a month. Yes I know it doesn't seem like a lot. But that $420 is coming from my vacation/clubbing/shoes/clothes/Target/misc crap budget!! This is going to be very difficult.

6) Last but definitely not least... START/OPEN/RUN A (SUCCESSFUL)BUSINESS. Most likely this will be Salon Twenty-20. But if not, I will find another venture that I can conquer by year end. While I am most grateful to The Hartford-SRS for providing me with a gig, it's time for mama to stand on her own two feet. I am an entrepreneur at heart and I always say "follow your heart".

I know my list is long. But I am optimistic and I think it's all possible. Bare with me family, I will do my best to blog the entire way.

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  1. YOu can do all of it! Philippians 4:13. :) I'm really excited about that half marathon goal! You will probably blow my time outta the water, LOL